Moon 3D Space Tour screensaver 1.1

FP Software laboratory (Shareware)

Moon 3D Space Tour is a screensaver application that takes users through a tour of the moon as seen from outer space. With this screensaver, users can see the moon’s craters and other details. Another features is a view of the moon’s backside, which is not visible from the earth’s view. Images and animation from the screensaver is smoothly rendered and is similar to the quality of images taken by NASA.

More of the program’s features are as follows:

• Has a demonstration mode that allows users to run the screensaver anytime for educational purposes
• Thousands of stars in the background are rendered just like the real colors, brightness, and coordinates on outer space
• Camera’s trajectory is unique each time the screensaver is launched for a unique experience every time
• Displays photo-realistic images of the moon
• Comes with a web update feature that allows users to download additional screensavers for the program

The screensaver application’s settings can also be configured. Users can change the video mode by selecting one of the resolution’s from the drop down menu, or by choosing to use the desktop’s settings. The animation speed can be changed as well by moving the sliders from slow to fast.