Montezuma Pyramid

Play Publishing (Shareware)

Montezuma’s Pyramid is a platform adventure game with unique challenges and obstacles. In this game, players assume the role of an explorer on a journey to find the treasure of Montezuma, the legendary king of the Aztecs. The gold was said to be the stuff of legend, but the protagonist is sure that it is only hidden in the pyramid. The explorer then goes on a quest to discover where the treasure has been hidden. Going to the ruins of an ancient Aztec pyramid has its challenges, however, as the Aztecs were architectural geniuses and have equipped their pyramids with various traps, devices, and obstacles that no ordinary man can overcome.

The game features five large levels, each with its own set of obstacles to go through, pass under, climb over, and slide across. Players must be able to avoid falling into a trap by utilizing the devices they find among the ruins. The exploration of the pyramid can be complex, as there are rooms and chambers that can only be opened when a particular lever or pulley is activated, which may be located on another part of the pyramid level. Players are challenged to remember where they have been to in order to actually go where they are supposed to go in order to finish the level and eventually find the treasure chamber and the Aztec gold kept in it.