Monster Trucks Nitro

RedLynx (Freeware)

Monster Trucks Nitro is a game in which players take control over powerful monster trucks and maneuver them through a series of obstacles to make it to the finish line before time runs out. The game makes use of 3D graphics and applies the laws of physics on how a vehicle moves. There is a different challenge for every racing track; there are eight tracks in total. The simple and intuitive controls make the game easy to play. The trucks have a nitro boost ability which allows them to use more power in going over difficult obstacles.

The game first lets players select which event they would like to play in. Each event comes with a challenge, from toppling buses laid out domino-style, to taking long jumps. Next, the player selects a monster truck to use. The player then has to drive the truck from the starting point to the finish line. Players can make as much damage to other cars in order to finish a track. As for the controls, the arrow up key makes the truck speed up; the down key is for the brake; the left arrow key makes the truck roll to the left; and the right arrow key makes it roll to the right. Players can hold down the control key to activate the truck’s nitro boost.