Monster Trucks Nitro Demo

RedLynx (Proprietary)

Monster Trucks Nitro Demo is a 3D game in which players race trucks on different tracks and go over various obstacles. The game makes use of realistic physics and features time-based racing that challenges players to perform extreme stunts to finish the racecourses. Players will encounter loops, traps, and other obstacles throughout the game. There are eight different tracks, and players stand to earn achievements and medals. At the end of every course, the game displays a leaderboard showing the players who have earned the most points. The game’s features include the following:

• Intuitive rotation control and gesture camera controls
• Holographic Pro camera mode along with other camera modes
• Different kinds of monster trucks and similar vehicle types
• Unlockable levels when achievements are reached
• Obstacles and challenges such as ramps, wheel stacks, and loops

Players can restart levels and race in finished tracks in order to gain more points. The Monster Trucks Nitro Demo version allows users to play two levels. When players finish a track within the set time limit and when a specified score is reached, they will be able to unlock new vehicles to use and new tracks to race on as well. Because the game makes use of realistic physics, players will need to consider the weight of the trucks when executing stunts. Players can utilize the Nitro Boost feature for special obstacles, such as when a high jump is required to accomplish a goal.