Monster Truck Rumble

Iridon Interactive AB (Shareware)

Monster Truck Rumble is a racing game with monster trucks. The main objective of the game is to overcome the obstacles on the track, including smaller cars. This game has four game modes for single players, including wreck ‘n crush, circuit race, a lance race, and free run.

In the free run mode, players may roam around the game’s many courses and explore the terrain without having to worry about fulfilling any objectives. In the wreck ‘n crush mode, piles of small cars are hidden around the course, and the player who is able to wreck the most number of cars using his or her truck within the given time limit is declared the winner. The circuit race mode provides players with racecourses to choose from, and players have to drive through the checkpoints set around the course. The lane race mode is the basic race, set in an enclosed area that is filled with different obstacles as well as difficult and challenging turns.

Monster Truck Rumble provides players with a radar system for all game modes except for the free run mode. Players can check the radar system to check for the location of opponents, car piles, and checkpoints. The game also displays a damage meter that lets players know how much damage their truck has. A split screen feature allows the game to be played by two players.