Monster Truck Challenge

Inode (Freeware)

Monster Truck Challenge is a truck racing game. Players can race with their trucks across a variety of environments. These trucks can smash truck opponents and various opponents on the truck's path.

Monster Truck Challenge features real-life physics so that events that happen in the game are based on what will also happen in real life. Players can simply choose a truck of choice. Go race in race tracks up to the finish line. Different environments include terrain, mountains, and obstacles. There are also 2 modes. The leap mode involves trucks as they leap through obstacle mounds in race tracks. Race mode is a classic racing game. Players have to race up to the finish line to win. There are simple controls for the truck's movements. These controls are for accelerating, braking, and jumping. Unlocking levels can be done simply by winning a bronze medal from a previous level. Obstacles include trampolines, logs, and explosive cans.

In Monster Truck Challenge, there are 4 types of trucks to unlock. There are 15 levels for players to finish. It features 3D graphics. It also has simple controls. The game has an original soundtrack and sound effects. Among the special effects used in the game are huge explosions. There are unique power-ups that can be used.