Monopoly CD-ROM

Westwood Studios (Proprietary)

Monopoly CD-ROM is a computer game version that is derived from the classic board game Monopoly. It is an application for Windows and Mac computers designed by Hasbro Interactive. This game is packaged in a CD, but it can also be played online or offline. Users can play against the computer. They may also choose to play with other monopolists from anywhere around the world, through an Internet connection. This game allows single or multiple players up to six in number.

This PC game is developed in 3D graphics with special colorful effects and sound. Its animation is rich and detailed for better gameplay and viewing. Players can even view and zoom in the neighborhoods in a street-style view. Players may also customize their game board. This allows them to personalize and build their own hometown and neighborhoods. They can use any images from the clip art, or photos stored in their very own computers. The default setting of the game features the old version, based on the original board game. In this setting, the “Community Chest”, “Boardwalk”, and “Go Directly to Jail” are still in play. For online gaming, there is a translation feature to assist users in communicating with other players from around the world.