MONOGRAM GraphStudio

MONOGRAM Mutimedia s.r.o. (Freeware)

The MONOGRAM GraphStudio is a program used for building and testing file writers, multiple filters, and audio/video renderers. It is available as an open-source, which is governed by the GNU GPL license. The program is created for developers working with DirectShow Technology. It is based on the GraphEdit application, which is a part of the PlatformSDK and DirectXSDK.

The GraphStudio application maintains the original interface of the GraphEdit program. This was done so that GraphEdit users would not encounter major problems when switching to the GraphStudio program. Aside from the original interface of GraphEdit, the program provides other added features.

The program can detect registry entries. A Registry Modification feature is also available for manually adding and removing filter types. The GraphStudio application provides detailed information about Filter, System, MediaType and Pin. Information provided for registered filters are file, version, name, CLSID, and more. The program can also copy text reports and graphs to a clipboard using its Copy button.

The MONOGRAM GraphStudio application can be used to construct graphs. It can also dump media type formats that can be used for later analysis. The program provides a list of frequently-used files for sink or source filters. Creating shortcuts for frequently-used files and categorizing favorite filters are also possible. The program has an event scheduler, which is available for customization.