GiantScreamingRobotMonkeys (Freeware)

MonkeyJam is a stop-motion animation suite designed to capture images from a variety of devices such as a camcorder, webcam, and scanner and arrange them in frames for animation. Users can import sound files and photos to the PC. Also used as a digital penciltest, this program offers several features for stop-motion animation. Films made in MonkeyJam can be saved in AVI file format.

MonkeyJam has a wide range of features for image capturing, previewing, X-sheet usage, and stopmotion. For capturing, the program can capture images as BMP, PNG, and JPG using the vfw capture card or firewire. It features automated X-sheet logging, as well as number generation with options for sequential numbering. There is an adjustable duration for capture, an automatic rotate on capture, a scanner interface, and an option to adjust captures for non-square pixels.

As for the preview, the program can preview an entire movie at different definitions and manually scrub previewed video clips. It has three methods for compositing for optimal results using a slider control for frame viewing. Users can use forward and reverse playback and save their preview to AVI format.

The StopMotion mode features the use of the X-sheet for reopening and saving of projects. All images are stored individually for convenient editing of frames. User can reshoot frames and preview the last 24 frames used. X-sheet has a click-and-drop interface, with up to 10 layers for drawing.