Monkey Island™ Special Edition Collection

LucasArts (Proprietary)

Monkey Island™ Special Edition Collection is a point-and-click adventure game developed by the company, LucasArts. The game’s plot follows the exploits of a young man named Guybrush Threepwood, an aspiring pirate who travels to Melee Island to make his dreams come true. The player takes on the role of Guybrush, whose adventure involves interacting with a wide array of characters – both human and inanimate. In order to advance in the game, the player must engage in conversation with the characters and pick up both regular and strange objects, which can be used later on to perform certain tasks. The game also offers a series of puzzles that the player must solve as well as sword duels with enemies.

In his journey, Guy meets and falls in love with Elaine Marley, who is the beautiful and feisty governor of Melee Island. However, he has a rival in a ghost pirate named LeChuck, who is also after Elaine’s affections. Guy discovers that LeChuck and his zombie cohorts are planning to kidnap Elaine, so now he must protect his ladylove and achieve his goal to be a bonafide pirate at the same time. There are numerous comedic moments in the dialogue and references to Pirates of the Caribbean can also be seen. The game has the same features as its predecessor, save for the new inventory system that comes with a drop-down menu.