Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

The Linksys Wireless Network Monitor is the proprietary software that is bundled with compatible models of Linksys’ own wireless routers. It is the primary program that is used to set up and manage wireless networks hosted on Linksys routers. In addition, the program allows users to manage not only the networks themselves but the current network connection status of the computer. The program is easy enough to find after installation as it is always present at the taskbar, near the clock and calendar.

Linksys Wireless Monitor has several handy features that allow the user to perform various network related tasks. It allows users to find available networks in the area using the network scanner. This not only displays what networks are available but it shows the quality of the network’s signal as well. The program also has several options for managing profiles on the current system’s network adapters. Information on the network infrastructure is also available. The program can display network statistics and transfer speed. When scanning the area, the program can display several pieces of information on the network such as SSID, the settings of the adapters in a given SSID field, and more. The profile manager also allows users to create, edit, import, export, and delete network profiles.