Monitor Calibration Wizard 1.0

Hex2Bit (Freeware)

Developed by Hex2Bit, the Monitor Calibration Wizard is a utility for measuring and calibrating the accuracy of a monitor's color representation. Other issues such as gamma, brightness and contrast can also be fixed by the program. It is a small, light program that lets users create specific profiles unique to the monitors they are using. This is especially helpful for users in the field of graphic and video editing and design where accurate color representation is of critical importance.

Using the application is easy with its wizard interface that lets a user create unique monitor profiles very quickly. For novice and first-time users, the wizard comes complete with help text for every screen. This makes creating profiles easy even for users who are unfamiliar with the program. It starts and loads up monitor profiles when starting Windows. This eliminates the need to load up the program and the user's preferred profiles during every boot. The program also overrides most programs that try to take over the color profile of the user's monitor which makes for smooth and consistent color representation and accuracy all throughout. Included in these overrides are programs that use driver level color correction, commonly found in graphics applications and games. The Monitor Calibration Wizard supports an unlimited number of monitor profiles for maximum flexibility, creating profiles to suit the user's every need.