Monitor Asset Manager

EnTech Taiwan (Proprietary)

Monitor Asset Manager is a software application developed by EnTech Taiwan, which aims to give users a utility that constantly checks screen performance of computer monitors connected to a user’s central processing unit. The monitor utility works on all known versions of the Windows operating system, and can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit variations.

While it offers basic functionality that most monitor checking programs offer, Monitor Asset Manager also offers users with other features that are available in premium versions of many monitor managers. These include the ability to check multiple monitors hooked up to a computer at the same time, as well as the ability to get technical information directly from the monitor hardware, as opposed to fetching data from software drivers and the operating system’s registry files.

Since the program runs on all contemporary versions of Windows – from NT to 8 – the application is used by many IT administrators who are often in charge of managing multiple workstations. Monitor Asset Manager provides detailed technical information about the screens that it checks by generating reports that contain vital information such as timing characteristics as well as screen color and temperature, to name a few. Users can configure reports to generate periodically and sent to a target site in the MIF file format.