Moneta 2.0.15a

NUMUS (Freeware)

Moneta is a numismatic computer program designed to deal specifically with Roman Imperial and Provincial coins that date from27 BC to 498 AD. Moneta is a utility created by Numus that catalogs coin collections and provides images as well as two different types of printouts. This program is a simple tool that may be used by avid collectors of Roman coins.

Moneta also features a search engine for the collection with the capacity of holding around 1000,000 coins (no images) or 20,000 coins (contains images). Moreover, this tool tracks the collection’s history including additions and removals and can serve as database the fellow collectors and dealers of ancient coins can refer to. Automatic conversions are available for measurements of coin diameter and weight.

Moneta provides users of the program references that contain relevant background data on mints and denominations that amount to about 435 pages of text. Moneta also has a system of cataloging the collection that makes the tedious task relatively easy to accomplish. This utility has ample security features that offer users the option to use substitution codes for values, dates, and prices. Passwords provide additional security.

Moneta can also be customized to fit the needs of the user. Configuration is allowed in deleting, adding or changing the following parameters: metals, mints, rulers, denominations, inscriptions and reference categories.