Moment of Inspiration 2.0.2010.527

Triple Squid Software Design (Shareware)

Triple Squid Software Design initially released the Moment of Inspiration graphic application in September 2008. It is a modeling program that allows its users to generate various images in a three dimensional format. It is designed to run not only on Windows powered systems but upgraded Macintosh computers as well. It carries full support for precise freeform drawing tools like NURBS and it provides a user-friendly interface which can be manipulated with a pen tablet. NURBS stands for non-uniform rational B-spline. Basically, it is a mathematically driven model that is commonly used in digital image development.

The Moment of Inspiration graphic design program is ideal for artists both on an amateur and professional level. The user interface is simple enough to provide users with a comprehensive outlet for developing designs while maintaining an easy workflow element. There are different design tools that users have access to and these are relatively simpler compared to more common CAD tools. Standard CAD tools have the tendency of doing more harm than good when it comes to a design development project and this is an issue that this particular program aims to abolish.

Apart from being used as a primary design program, there are those who also rely on this application as a complementary tool for polygon-based design. One of the best features of this particular program is its ability to generate high definition and high resolution 3D models even when low-end video cards are utilized by the artist.