Lost Marble (Proprietary)

Moho is a program now known as Anime Studio by Smith Micro Software Inc. It is a vector-based two-dimensional animation package. It has two versions: Anime Studio Debut and Anime Studio Pro. Anime Studio Debut is intended for novices who are learning 2D animation. Its Beginner’s Mode includes a Character Wizard tool. Anime Studio Pro is intended for professional animation artists to help them function as efficiently as possible.

Some of Anime Studio’s main features:
• Bone Rigging System – Offers users an alternative to frame-by-frame animation. It can add skeletal frames into any image that can be used to control 2D graphical elements.
• Smart Bones – It is a feature that reduces or eradicates character joint distortion. Users can group a set of points that they can use to create three-dimensional motion. This is useful for controlling knees, elbows, facial expressions, and head turns.
• Import Photoshop Files – Imported Photoshop files have their layers intact. Any changes made in the Photoshop file will immediately show up in Anime Studio. It supports many Photoshop features such as layer opacity, smart objects, and blending modes.
• Real Time Media Connection – It instantly updates imported graphic, movie and audio files from external applications.
• Editable Motion Graphs – Animation channels are graphically displayed, which allow users to control and edit motion curves directly.