Moero Downhill Night Type R

Peach Princess (Proprietary)

Moero Downhill Night Type R is a text-and-still-images-based game that belongs to the Japanese dating sims genre. This is a dating sim adventure with high-speed characteristics. This features gorgeous girls in the race, conversation trees that are quite extensive, and high fidelity anime artwork. Moero Downhill Night Type R features women and fast cars, which are popular elements of Downhill Night. This utility has a text-based reaction scheme that is time sensitive and innovative. This dating game is more suspenseful than others are and has re-playable features.

Moero Downhill Night Type R is intended for fans of racing anime and Japanese car fans. The main features of Moero Downhill Night Type R are rendered 3D video segments that augment the races and innovative time-based elements. The conversations (text-based) have Japanese voice-overs.

Moero Downhill Night Type R is about the adventures of Daichi Shou who is a noodle deliveryman with a low-paying job going door to door on a bike. He wants to be a racing star and he gets a chance to be in the racing scene when some busty women asked him to help them better their racing skills. The player of the game assumes the role of Daichi and can select a number of different conversion responses. These could lead either way-- to disappointment or romantic interludes.