ModPlug Player 1.46.01

Olivier Lapicque (Freeware)

ModPlug Player is an application that enables MODule music tracks to be executed and played. This software was originally developed by Olivier Lapicque in conjunction with the ModPlug Browser Plug-in and ModPlug Tracker. Its controls include a graphic equalizer with presets that can enhance music quality through the Reverb, Dolby Surround, Gain Control, and Extended Bass options. Once the preferred setting has been decided upon, it can be saved into other programmable buttons for easy access in the future. In addition to its playing capabilities, the user can also do music editing. ModPlug Player can be used to mix two different music files into one track. Moreover, it has a resampling filter and a noise reduction option. The music’s pitch and tempo can also be change according to the preference of the user.

The updated version includes support modules having over 1000 samples. Its interface has also been incorporated with 3D EQ optimization. The maximum mixing channels have been upgraded from 128 to 200. ModPlug Player can open module music files that are in both compressed and native formats. It also supports DirectSound, as well as MMX Acceleration.

For basic users, the player allows the display of song details and the creation of playlists. The music file can also be converted into .wav format if desired.