Modem Booster

inKline Software Labs (Shareware)

Modem Booster is a utilities tool designed to increase Internet speed. It is a web accelerator software that can boost download speeds. It can also increase uploads by 300%. It also reduces load time of images. This is done due to Modem Booster's PING technology.

Modem Booster can work on a variety of Internet connections. These include Dial-up, DSL, and even Cable. All these can be improved with this software. It first tests the Internet speed of the connection. It is done by running diagnostic tests. After that, the software will determine the best settings to improve the performance of the connection. It even checks and optimizes hidden Windows settings to speed up the Internet.

Modem Booster can fine tune a computer's modem settings to the exact value customized for the ISP of the Internet. This will ensure a maximum output. After that, it can ask the users for their expected speed boost. The software will then tune the settings automatically. To use it, all it takes is one click of a mouse. This ensures that even a user who doesn't have any technical knowledge can use it. There are also options for advance users. There is a "Manual Tune Up" option to optimize different components of the software.