Moby (Freeware)

MobyDock is a software application that manages icons on the desktop with the ability to group and sort them according to various categories. In addition, window animations are enabled to allow for seamless transition when the taskbar application performs tasks such as switching windows and grouping them.

Other tasks can be accomplished when MobyDock is opened. For instance, users can check their mailbox from the taskbar by using the Post Office Protocol to integrate webmail accounts to the desktop. At the same time, users who have old operating systems installed on their computers can use MobyDock to view thumbnail previews of all the windows that are opened in the taskbar, a functionality that is present in many current operating systems. Controlling native media players from the dock itself is also possible with the application. The program requires an Internet connection when the weather functionality is activated.

As MobyDock is designed for beginners, the interface and its accompanying animated effects mimic those of the dock in Apple's OS X. Additionally, the program can be customized in many ways, which allow the user to select which functionalities to use and modify the look that suits a user's usage habits. Customization is done by dragging and dropping icons from and into the dock, which are then automatically resized and snapped to an invisible grid that governs the placement of icons on the dock. Despite running constantly in the background, the application uses minimal system resources on Windows.