Mobipocket Creator 4.2

Mobipocket (Freeware)

Mobipocket Creator is an application that is used to create ebooks from document and PDF files. It is equipped with several features that enable users to make ebooks in various formats, such as dictionaries and glossaries, photo albums, recipe books, quizzes, travel guides, date books, and novellas, among others. Installing this application also installs the Mobipocket Emulator, a tool that is used to preview ebooks and test interactive links that may be included in the ebooks. This application has support for popular document file formats such as DOC and TXT.

Mobipocket Creator’s features include the following:

• Mobipocket DRM – this stands for Digital Rights Management, and this is a tool that is used to encrypt ebook content to protect this from copyright infringement
• Metadata support – users can add metadata items such as category, author, and location to ebooks. This makes the ebook searchable online.
• Bookmarks – bookmark links may be added to a particular part of an ebook to allow for quick access
• Export Online – the created ebooks may be sent to Mobipocket eBookbase, where users can market their books
• Table of Contents Wizard – this tool automatically generates links to ebook chapters so readers can simply tap or click on the chapter name or number from the reader instead of scrolling down or flipping through pages