MobiOne Design Center 2.3.2

Genuitec (Shareware)

MobiOne Design Center is an application for creating mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. The program allows users to create applications in a simple process as it makes use of a WYSIWYG interface. It consists of all the tools developers need to create a program. Applications developed with this program automatically scale to the size of the device, making applications compatible with different types of devices. The application makes use of the HTML5 model as well.

The application’s main window is divided into different sections. The center of the window is where the Visual Designer is. This area is where users can see what the application will look like on a specific device. The left side of the window is the design palette view, while the right side of the main window has the outline view and properties view. There are also task and command buttons that can be found at the top portion of the window.

Other features of the MobiOne Design Center application are the following:

• consists of several design templates that users can utilize when creating an application
• choice of automatic or manual creation of applications using JavaScript, CSS3, or HTML5
• support for a testing phase using the device emulator