Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone

SHAPE Services (Shareware)

Mobiola WebCamera for Windows Mobila, Blackberry, or iPhone has the capability to turn any smartphone into a web camera. It may also be used with Skype and other videoconferencing apps. This tool makes it very convenient for those who prefer to use smartphones over USB phones or built-in computer webcams. It allows people to share special moments with loved ones located far away in a very convenient manner.

Here are the main features of Mobiola WebCamera:
• Make videoconferencing through popular messages
• Creation of videos and photos
• Saves photos and videos directly to the computer

This program is definitely popular to iPhone and other smartphone users because it is designed to turn their mobile units into a portable wireless web cam.

Mobiola WebCamera for smartphones has two components, namely an iPhone application and a desktop component. Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone makes the connection with a computer using Wi-Fi connectivity. The app adds a dew driver to the computer system which is required for it to be operational. This application has the ability to capture video clips in single frames or video streams in the following resolutions:
• 192x144
• 480x360
• 1280x720
• 1920x1080

Mobiola WebCamera is indeed a very useful and easy to use application for avid smartphone users.