Mobilink Lite

Novatel Wireless (Bundled)

Mobilink Lite from Novatel Wireless is a communications software suite that gives the user instant e-mail and Internet access. This tool is specifically designed to connect WWAN (wireless wide area networks) to mobile platforms. Simply put, Mobilink Lite is a program that allows people to gain Web access while they are on the move.

This utility is optimized to provide 3G wireless access anytime and anywhere. Mobilink Lite can be installed very quickly in devices with a built-in connection manager. The following are the key features of this program:

• Automatic installation
• Skin-based technology can be customized easily
• Provides international localization and pre-provisioning
• OS, laptop, and operator tested
• Equipped with VPN compatibility

This program works best with products made by Novatel Wireless and allows users to receive and send SMS and surf the Internet without hassle. This software suite allows office workers to link to the office and their colleagues even when they are on the road. The network connection is established very quickly and the program ensures constant and consistent connectivity.

Mobilink Lite is also enabled to allow a number of applications to link using just one device. Most importantly, it has security measures in place so that users are assured that it is safe to access important corporate documents.