MobileGo 2.1.5

Wondershare (Shareware)

MobileGo is a content management application for mobile phones. It is available for Android and iOS systems. The program comes in two editions – Free and Pro. The program has four main functions. These are Contacts Management, Media Management, Apps Organization and SMS Assistance. These main functions are similar for both the iOS and Android versions with few minor differences.

As a Contacts Management tool, the program can be used to add and edit contacts straight from a computer. It is also possible to import and export contacts to/from mail. Supported email platforms include Windows Mail, Outlook and Windows Address Book. For the iOS version, the program cannot only add iPhone contacts, it is also possible to group the contacts on a computer even without iTunes. Merging duplicated contacts can also be done. The program can also be used for managing media files including music, videos and photos. Aside from transferring media files from mobile phones to computers, converting audio and video files is also possible. It is also possible to extract audio from the video files. Other media management functions include creating playlist, organizing music, creating new albums and saving iPhone photos to computer or external devices.

This program is also used for organizing applications. It can be used for downloading apps directly on a computer. Installing and uninstalling apps on a mobile phone from a pc is also possible. This program is also capable of exporting apps to the computer. Managing SMS is also another function of MobileGo. It allows users to backup SMS, text messages in group, manage phone calls on the computer and  sync between Android and iTunes playlists.