COMPELSON Labs (Shareware)

MOBILedit! is an application that enables users to manage the content of their mobile phones in their desktop or laptop computer. This program provides features that allow users to manage their phone contacts, messages, and various multimedia content such as music, photos, and video files. MOBILedit! can also be used to control a user’s mobile phone through a computer using a Bluetooth, Infrared, or a USB cable connection. This feature allows users to backup their mobile phone data and receives SMS messages in their computers in manner similar to email messages. In addition, this program can connect multiple mobile phones at once where users can manage their data content concurrently.

MOBILedit! provides various features such as a ringtone editor, a built-in video editor that allow users to preview and edit their video files, and a live display of a user’s mobile phone battery level, signal, IMEI, and phone and card memory. This program contains features that allow users to create a backup of their mobile phone data on the user’s computer, Internet cloud storage, or in another mobile phone. Users are also provided with features that enable them to edit and print various mobile phone text data such as SMS messages and phonebook contacts. In addition, this program can also be used to install applications to a user’s mobile phone from a computer.