Mobile Witch Remote Control 4.0

MobileWitch LLC (Freeware)

Mobile Witch Remote Control is an application that is used to control a computer remotely. It enables a mobile phone to be used as a universal remote control for the computer. Controlled programs can also be edited apart from being accessed. A computer’s content may be accessed and explored. The mouse cursor and PowerPoint presentations can also be controlled through the facility of a mobile phone. Computer commands can also be run, and text messages can be sent through one’s desktop. Other programs which can be remotely accessed are Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Windows Explorer. The program can be used both at home and in business settings.

A computer with an installed Bluetooth dongle, and a Bluetooth supported mobile phone are imperative to use Mobile Witch Remote Control. Application features include changing videos and tracks played on iTunes, Winamp, or Media Player, adjusting volume, and albums and artists browsing, among others. The two parts that make up the program are the server and the client, both of which have been written using Java. The client is designated in a computer (to be remotely controlled), while the server is designated in a mobile phone that is capable of J2ME. Both the computer server and mobile application also have to be downloaded and installed to use the program. The application is free of charge.