Mobile Weapon Episode 1


Mobile Weapon Episode 1, created by TYLER PROJECTS PTE LTD., is a game for desktops and laptops. It is a sequel to the game Mobile Weapon: Zero, which is also developed by the same company. The storyline of Mobile Weapon Episode 1 is about the world of Sios. In this game, players take control over armored mechs, called Mobile Adpative Weapons, or simply known as MAWs. Players control the avatars, either male or female, to explore secrets, and fight against enemies while completing levels. This first episode is set in a location called Acero Isle.

There are instructions given when playing this game. Players need to follow those instructions carefully in order to gain full control of their mechs, win battles, and accomplish the given missions. Players can customize and upgrade their mechs using the tools provided by the game. In “Painting Bay”, players can choose from 6 color schemes with which to design their mechs: Futuristic, La Femme, Military, Desert, Divine, Shadow, and Naval. Each painting costs players 100 credits. In “MAW Equipments”, players buy additional weapons. For “Repair All MAWs”, players simply repair or fix their MAWs. “Augment MAWs” is to gear up MAWs of players. At the beginning of the game, players are given 120 default credits. Players can use these credits or wait until they have earned more before customizing their mechs.