Mobile Photo Enhancer 1.3

VicMan Software (Freeware)

Mobile Photo Enhancer is a mobile phone application that allows the user to improve the quality of the pictures taken via mobile phone cameras with low resolution. It corrects images with JPG and JPEG formats. It is easy to manipulate and allows users to enhance the pictures one by one. Mobile Photo Enhancer allows the user to adjust the sharpness of the images from 0% to stronger sharpness levels. It also permits the user to choose from color enhancement options like its 4-level color noise adjuster, contrast corrector and resolution fixer. It also allows users to fix dark corners around the image and adjust vignetting.  

This application provides an animated tutorial session for first-time users. The layout of its interface is simple and user-friendly. Images processed through this application can be saves as BMP, JPG or PNG formats. The processed images will automatically be available for viewing. Mobile Photo enhancer also allows the images to be reverted to default. The users can also choose the manner of viewing images from three viewing options: tile vertically, tile horizontally, or cascade. The application allows the user to view edited images zoomed in or zoomed out. The user can also customize the application’s border design and manipulate the application’s overwriting of existing files