MobaXterm 8.4

Mobatek (Freeware)

MobaXterm is a computer program developed by the company, Mobatek. It is free to download and is classified as a specific form of communications software that carries various commands programmed under the Unix platform. A series of Unix codes and commands is programmed into one executable file, a portable program, and this is what makes up the application from Mobatek.

Remote computing is the process of accessing a system with the absence of the physical aspect. In this case, the user can access the network and all of its embedded files and data from another source. Basically, one computer is able to control a different and completely separate, computer unit. This is the type of process that is supported by the MobaXterm software. Whenever program users access SSH connections, the built-in server will automatically start functioning. When this happens, the X-11 forwarding component is immediately launched. Aside from aiding users when it comes to programming elements, the application can also be used to transfer files from different networks, all securely done via a highly secure graphical SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) browser.

This type of software is ideal for the following purposes:
• System Administration
• Program Development
• Webmaster Processes