MKV/AVI To MP4 1.08 Beta

maozy99 (Freeware)

MKV/AVI to MP4 is an application used for converting MKV and AVI files into MP4 format. Conversely, the program can also convert MP4 videos into MKV or AVI. The purpose of converting MV and AVI files into MP4 is to make these readable by different software, from Apple’s QuickTime to Windows Media Player. This means that MP4 files are also compatible with portable entertainment devices such as music players, tablets, and smartphones.

To use the program, the user simply needs to load the MKV/AVI files for conversion to the application’s interface. The application supports batch processing, so the user can select multiple files at once. The user can then specify the output folder where the converted file/s will be saved. The conversion process starts when the user clicks the "Convert" button. Conversion is normally fast, even if the program only uses a minimal amount of system resources. If there is a file on queue that needs to be converted to MP4 as soon as possible, the user can choose to stop the conversion process of the other files first.

MKV/AVI to MP4 Converter supports adding of subtitles. When subtitles are added, they are not hardcoded but embedded. This means that the subtitles can be turned on and off. The subtitle size can also be increased or decreased for easier viewing.