MKV Player 2.1 (Freeware)

MKV Player is a video player for MKV files and other popular video file formats. The MKV file is a universal file format for multimedia files (audio, video, image, and subtitles). The multimedia player’s interface is simple. The main part of the window is dedicated to viewing the file. The controls are located at the bottom part of the screen. The basic buttons include Open, Play, and Stop. The player also has a slider for the volume control.

Users can create playlists with the application. The MKV Player application also has a search feature to make it easy for users to look for MKV video files that are located in the computer’s hard drive. Players will be able to play high bitrate files, even on old models of computers. There are also buttons for settings on the player including the frame step, file association, switch audio, and switch subtitle. The Keyboard Help button at the bottom of the main window allows users to view the keyboard shortcuts for controlling the application without using the mouse. Users can do other computer activities while watching videos, too. The player can be set to be on top of all running applications by putting a checkmark on the box beside ‘Keep on Top’.