MjM Free Photo Recovery Software

MjM Data Recovery (Shareware)

MjM Free Photo Recovery Software is a program designed to retrieve deleted digital data from a memory card. In addition, this utility is equipped with tools to recover important data from a memory card that has already been reformatted. The application can recover photo files from a corrupted memory card that denies users access. The program makes image file location easy for the user because it displays large thumbnails of the photo files that it detects on the memory card. This photo recovery program is a handy tool for amateur and professional photographers alike.

MjM Free Photo Recovery Software presents users with an interface that is intuitive and easy to work out. The program makes the process of recovery quick and easy. As soon as it is launched, it detects the hardware. The media card that is in the card reader will be scanned and the contents will be displayed, including the files that have been deleted. The user can then save the files that they need by selecting the specific digital photo files. This program effective recovers removed JPG image files of any size without exception.

MjM Free Photo Recovery Software by MjM Data Recovery also performs the same functions on portable USB flash drives. The program may be downloaded from the Internet without a fee.