MJ Studio 1.09

D-LUSiON interactive media (Shareware)

MJ Studio is specifically designed to play music for student parties and combines standard mixing audio tracks using WAV and MP3. This program was first released in 1998 as a complete virtual DJ solution that features basic DJ mixing commands and controls. MJ Studio is the creation of D-lusion interactive media.

MJ Studio is a utility that can be set up swiftly after a few easy-to-follow instructions. The sound setting can be configured by the user during startup. There are controls available for sound devices, block size and resolution, as well as output frequency. MJ Studio’s interface presents with two MP3 decks. On the screen audio files may be imported either with drag-or-drop function or via file browser. Despite its many functions, it is a lightweight program that does not slow down computer function.

MJ Studio is a state-of-the art utility capable of playing two MP3 tracks at the same time. These are the basic features of MJ Studio:
• MP3 audio files playback
• Automatic beat detection in pitching, scratching, and mixing MP3s
• Three-band equalizer mixer
• Playlist with ID3 support

This application comes with a cross-fader feature and professional BMP detection. MJ Studio also comes with an auto play feature. In this way, music files could be played seamlessly one after another during student parties and other social gatherings.