MixMeister Fusion

MixMeister Technology LLC (Shareware)

MixMeister Fusion is a Disk Jockey application that enables users to mix different music files. This program is capable of playing from two up to eight music files simultaneously with its automatic beat matching feature. MixMeister Fusion contains various features used to different effects to audio mixes. These includes adjustments for volume, tempo, treble, bass, midrange, reverb, echo, processing noises, distortions, and other audio masks. Users can also upload their custom-made effects into the program’s effects library. In addition to these, MixMeister Fusion provides tools used for instant looping, creating audio cues with markers, and adjusting the beats per minute (BPM). This program also includes a library of skins and color schemes that allows users to change the program’s design.

MixMeister Fusion features an interface that contains three parts. The upper portion contains a list of songs uploaded in the program’s database. Users can select a song by double clicking it. The next part shows a timeline view of audio tracks that are currently being played. Users can place markers for loops and switches in this section. The last part is the effects console located on the bottom part of the screen. This is where users can find the effects tools used in editing audio mixes.