MixedInKey (Proprietary)

MixedInKey is an audio analysis software that analyzes the melodies and harmonies of audio files. The program also shows the key of each track, allowing DJs to create lists with songs that are suitable to each other. In addition, the software is compatible with other DJ applications, such as Pioneer, Serato, Ableton Live, and Traktor. The program is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

The program makes use of the Camelot Easymix Wheel to make it easier for users to mix song harmonies. MixedInKey can be used in just a few steps. The program supports WAV and MP3 files. Users can add entire folders or individual files to the program. The songs added are displayed as a list with the filename, artist, key result, tempo, and status. The main window has an audio player, so users can preview files before creating a song medley or mash-up. The application displays which songs are compatible with each other.

Other features of the MixedInKey program are the following:

• simple and easy to use, even for novice computer users
• compatible with different kinds of DJ software
• comes with a tutorial for beginners
• built-in audio player
• support for personalization