Mixcraft 5 6.1 build 201

Acoustica, Inc (Proprietary)

Mixcraft is a digital audio workstation for Windows computers. It consists of a MIDI sequencer, video arranger, and virtual instrument tools. The application can also be used with a MIDI keyboard, a mixer, a microphone, or a guitar. Mixcraft has a professional looking interface with buttons and controls for manipulating tracks. The Loop Library included in the application contains thousands of royalty free sounds and loops that can be mixed with audio tracks.

Mixcraft features a total of 11 virtual instruments including drums, vintage electric piano, bass synthesizer, organ, and many more. There are also 25 high quality sound effects for enhancing the sounds of tracks. In addition to the audio tools, Mixcraft also has a video track for editing video files. This is useful for sound engineers who are creating soundtracks or sound effects for a certain video or movie. Users can create an unlimited amount of tracks when working on a project.

Here are other features of the Mixcraft application:
• Powerful mixer interface
• Loop recording for multiple takes
• Support for up to 16 processor cores
• Built in guitar tuner
• Musical typing keyboard

Finished projects can be burned on a disc with just one click.