Mission Runway

Virtual Playground (Proprietary)

Mission Runway is a fashion game that was first released in 2008. The game allows players to dress up and style models before they strut down the runway. There are different challenges offered in the game including Fashion of the Opera and To the Stars. There are different outfits to choose from including dresses, gowns, tops, bottoms, and shoes. Players also have the chance to put on the model’s makeup (lipstick, eye shadow and liner, and blush on). Furthermore, players can choose the model’s hairstyle that best goes with the outfit chosen. Accessories, such as bags, can also be worn by the model.

The player’s goal is to impress the judges with the chosen outfit. Players also get the chance to choose from over a hundred pieces. The possibilities for outfit combinations are endless. After strutting down the runway, players can hold a photo shoot with the model by choosing a background. Other features of this fashion game are as follows:

• Players can choose from a variety of pieces that come in different colors and patterns
• Players get the chance to be the ultimate fashion designer and rule the runway
• Comes with a variety of makeup colors to choose from