Mirror's Edge

EA Digital Illusions CE AB (Proprietary)

Mirror’s Edge is a video game developed by Electronic Arts Digital Illusions CE or DICE. This game was first released in November 2008. Mirror’s Edge is a first person action-adventure video game where players explore their environment, perform actions, and combat in a first person perspective. Compared to other first person shooter video games that focus on weapon use, Mirror’s Edge features free running as its main gameplay element. Free Running, or also known as “Parkour” is a physical training discipline that involves moving from one place to another while avoiding or clearing obstacles using special moves. Free running involves moving around and above physical barriers such as fences, walls, posts, vertical drops, as well as traversing tight spaces and heights. This discipline incorporates special moves such as vaulting, jumping, sliding, and wall running. Mirror’s Edge focuses on parkour skills in order to explore the environment and accomplish game objectives. The video game also emphasizes hand-to-hand combat instead of weapons combat in order to disarm and incapacitate enemies. However, in several situations in the game, players would be allowed to use firearms.

Mirror’s Edge is set in a dystopian, futuristic society that is controlled by a totalitarian government. The game’s protagonist is Faith Connors, a runner whose sister gets involved in government conspiracy. Runners are special couriers that relay secret information outlawed by the government. These runners use their free-running skills in order to evade the authorities and find routes that are free from surveillance. In addition to free running, Mirror’s Edge also presents other gameplay features such as “runner vision” and “reaction time”. Runner vision allows players to identify ledges, pipes, doors, and other physical structures that can be used for combat or escape. These structures are colored bright red in the game screen. Reaction time is a skill that allows players to view their environment in slow motion giving them more time to perform actions in critical situations. This skill can be replenished by performing fluid free-running moves.