Miro 5.0.1

Participatory Culture Foundation (Open Source)

Miro, formerly called Democracy Player or DTV, is multimedia software that was initially released in 2006. It also serves as a management application for multimedia files. Existing music libraries in the computer can be imported to Miro. Also, the multimedia files contained in the Miro library can be synched to Android mobile phones and tablets. Users can easily access and download thousands of files from Stores (Amazon MP3 Store, Amazon Android Store, and Google Android Store).

Additionally, users can convert videos using Miro. There are several file formats supported by the application so that users can transfer files to devices, such as mobile phones, iPods, and iPads. To do this, users can right click on a file, choose ‘Convert to…’, and select a file format from the drop down list. Sharing files with other Miro users is possible, too. This can be done when to computers are connected in a network.

The Miro interface is clean and simple. The navigation buttons are on the left hand pane. Users can sift through files and perform tasks by choosing one of the options on the menu (Video Search, Music, Videos, Podcasts, Stores, Playlists, etc). The main part of the screen is where users can see a list of the multimedia files. Miro supports WMV, QuickTime, AVI, and MPEG.