Miranda IM 0.10.50

Miranda IM Project (Open Source)

Miranda IM is an instant messaging program that was initially released in February 2000. The chat client supports several instant messaging protocols including AOL Instant Messenger, Facebook, ICQ, Yahoo, IRC, and Jabber. The program does not need to be installed on the computer for it to run. It can be saved in a USB device to use on other computers. The program has all the basic functions of an instant messenger. Users can create a buddy list and organize contacts from several instant messaging accounts, chat with contacts, send files, and use emoticons.

One of the features of Miranda IM is that it is fully customizable. The program is bundled-with plug-ins and users can also download hundreds of other plug-ins from the add-on site ( There are games, protocols, services, status and events, and connectivity. For interface customization, there are background images, icons, skins, themes, and emoticons available for download. Sound clips can be downloaded, too.

Other features of the Miranda IM instant messaging client are:
• Full message archive database
• Contact details can be viewed with a simple mouseover
• No advertising
• Compact and portable
• Saves chat history on hard disk

Miranda IM does not clog up system resources and uses low memory.