Miranda HotCoffee™

Miranda NG (Freeware)

Miranda HotCoffee is a communications tool designed to function as a universal Internet pager. It succeeds the Miranda IM client for Windows. It is capable of working with any instant messaging network. It has numerous features and can be easily used by beginners or professionals. It has support for multiple protocols, including Facebook, AIM, MRA, MSN, Twitter, Gadu-Gadu, Skype, WhatsApp, Xfire, Yahoo, IRC, ICQ, and Skype, among others.

This IM client is capable of creating backups of messages automatically. Users can easily access the conversation history. One of its notable features is its pop-ups that help in announcing the birthdays of contacts as well as inform users of incoming messages. It has support for smileys and is able to block spam messages. Users can see the buddy icons not only in their contact list but in the conversation window as well.

Hovering over a contact makes the application show users informative tooltips. Users can easily hide the conversation window by pressing Ctrl+F12. Miranda HotCoffee also provides users with a Database Editor so they can make changes on their contact list, such as adding email addresses and other information.

Users can choose how they want their IM window to look like. They can select from eight appearance options, namely Glamour Dark, Glamour Light, Textolite Dark, Textolite Light, Graphite Dark, Graphite Light, Photoone Dark, and Photoone Light.