Mipony 2.2.3 (Freeware)

Mipony is a freeware download manager initially released in January 2010. It is specifically designed to automate and optimize downloads. Mipony supports different host websites like mediafire, rapidshare and putlocker. Mipony works by taking charge of the files being downloaded. Once you place the addresses in the program, it will access the host website and wait until the download starts. The program also checks each link to determine whether the files are available or have been deleted from the server. This program works with both free and premium accounts in Hotfile, Rapidshare and Fileserve.

Mipony features continuous download. All the files will continuously be downloaded while you navigate. If the program is closed, download will restart once you open the program again. Users can also choose which downloads to prioritize and how many can be downloaded at once. Since most files listed in free servers are separated into parts, Mipony offers a feature called HJSplit that can merge downloaded files. When there’s a download error, Mipony automatically performs the required attempts until all files are downloaded. Mipony also features an embedded browser where users can find download links. Users can also configure Flashgot to allow it to send links directly to Mipony. The program also offers an interface where users can control and manage the program remotely. Through this feature, users can view, manipulate and even input captcha codes. It also offers a plugin where users can start downloads from Explorer or Firefox directly to the program or open the host site being viewed in Mipony’s browser.