Minute Menu Kids

Minute Menu Systems (Shareware)

Minute Menu Kids, developed by Minute Menu Systems is an application made for family care providers. It is a specialized program for the planning, execution, recording, and management of menus and meal plans for children enrolled in a food program. Tailor made for schools, day care centers, and other institutions that provide child care, this program is meant to make record keeping and planning go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Minute Menu Kids is the program of choice for over 30,000 family care providing institutions all over the United States.

The application eliminates unnecessary delays, helps the institution keep track of expenses and create accurate billing statements for the ease of both the client and the seller. Calculate and create accurate time-space and specific percentages of expenses for care-related services. Create accurate figures for operation-related expenses, meal allowances, and other fees. Through the application, parents can receive their billing statements online. Payments can also be received electronically. Vital information on the children enrolled in the institution’s care are also listed. This includes, emergency contacts, and other information. The program is an all-inclusive solution to the management of services provided.

Other features include a Certificate Maker, an Attendance Checker, a Form creator, a Full accounting of family child care services, Menu recording, Menu Planning, a Calendar maker, and Report builder.