Philosoft LTD (Freeware)

Securing one’s sensitive information such as passwords, PIN codes, and other vital information is of utmost importance in today’s digital culture. With access to even one of these, individuals with malicious intentions can do quite a lot of harmful damage to the identity of a person. With this very real threats to our identities and private information, it has become extremely important for users to protect sensitive information at all times. From Philosoft LTD comes miniTrezor, a way of securely storing vital information such as passwords, PIN codes, transaction numbers, and other information.

The word “trezor” literally means “vault”, thus miniTrezor is a small vault for where users can store passwords and other information. This data is protected by a master password and can only be accessed by a single user. This single user, however, can copy the data any number of times, even onto other machines. However, the program is only meant for a single user and a single computer, so even if the data is copied onto other machines, it can only be accessed from where the machine where the database was created. The user interface is easy to navigate and requires little instruction to use, making it easy for novice and intermediate users to store their passwords securely and safely.