Minitab 16 Statistical Software

Minitab Inc. (Proprietary)

Minitab 16 Statistical Software is a Windows statistical software package developed and published by Minitab, Inc. It is used for different statistical analysis and data management. The program was originally designed as a light edition of OMNITAB until it was released as a standalone statistical package. The application is also used together with the implementation of CMMI, Six Sigma, and other statistics-based improvement methods.

Minitab 16 offers the following main features:

• Statistics Methods – The program is capable of performing different types of statistics methods. It can be used to do Regression analysis and ANOVA. Basic statistical tests can also be performed such as Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Tests, Descriptive Tests, and Normality tests. Aside from this, Minitab 16 also provides control charts, quality tools, reliability tools, and other statistics.
• Graphs – Aside from performing statistical analysis, the program is also capable of generating graphs. These graphs are mainly used as a visual analysis for the statistic results. The graphs created using the program can be edited, updated, and exported.
• Assistant – First-timers and novice users can use Minitab 16 through assistance features. The program provides step-by-step guidance when performing statistical analysis. It even provides help when analyzing results. It also offers an interactive decision tree that enables users to choose which approach is best for the provided data.

Other features available in Minitab 16 include Data and File MAangement, Time Series and Forcasting, Power and Sample Size, Macros and Customizability, and more.