Vellosoft (Freeware)

MiniMinder is a small application that reminds users of important tasks that are coming up. The program’s window can be set to always be displayed on the desktop, allowing users to have a view of all the important tasks that need to be done. The application is easy to use and even novice computer users will be able to manage it.

Adding events can be done in just a few steps. Users just have to fill in the fields for the reminder, such as the name of event, its occurrence, and the date. Users can also set an alarm before the event takes place. This can be done under the Alarms section on the main window. The frequency of the alarm can also be set.

Other features of the MiniMinder program are the following:

• Daily Quotes – Users have the option to have a daily quote displayed underneath the reminders.
• Printing – A log of all the reminders can be printed out for the user’s reference. There are print options that can be changed including the font name, filter of events to print, border, and the table width for the page.
• Date Calculator – This feature enables users to calculate the number of days between two dates.