MiniMinder Customizer

Vellosoft (Shareware)

MiniMinder Customizer is a management tool created by Vellosoft. It is a reminder tool that users can utilize to track down events. They can set appointments with time, date, and descriptions. Once the computer is switched on, they are notified and reminded of any saved appointment on the desktop.

MiniMinder Customizer mainly features MiniMinder tool. Its primary function is to create appointments or tasks so that users won’t forget them. Users can schedule a reminder with the name of the event, and set a date with its customized alarms. However, only the dates can be specified, and not time. It has an easy-to-use interface for navigation, which is ideal for novice computer users.

This calendar tool is small in size, but users may also customize it according to their preference. There is an orange button that can be clicked to minimize the program. This moves the reminder to the system tray. Users can just click on the button to minimize or maximize the screen of the application. But if the reminder has not yet expired or deleted from the program, the appointment created by users will keep on popping up on the desktop screen every time the computer is turned on. The program also comes with a comprehensive help file that consists of instructions on how to use the program.