Minimem 2.1

Kerkia (Freeware)

Minimem is a tool for reducing the memory footprint of programs used in the computer. The application provides plenty of options so that users can customize the programs to optimize and when to optimize them. The application does this by eliminating the unnecessary memory pages on some of the processes. While doing this, the program makes sure that it uses low CPU usage. The program runs quietly in the computer’s background and does not disrupt the user.

Minimem’s main window can be accessed by clicking on its icon on the system tray. Users can also configure the application’s settings from there. The main interface has five command buttons located at the top portion of the window – Optimize now, Reset options, Refresh, Task Manager, and Shut down. The list of optimized processes is located at the left part of the window, while a list of all the active processes is displayed on the right side. Other options for the program can be seen at the bottom part of the window. Users can also select how often the memory is optimized. By default, this is set every 30 seconds, but it can be changed by choosing another time interval from the drop down list.