MiniLyrics 7.5.21

Crintsoft (Freeware)

MiniLyrics is a lyrics plugin for media players. It works on iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, MediaMonkey, and other popular media players. Once the program is installed, it automatically searches and downloads the lyrics for the song that is being played. The words are displayed and the lyrics scroll down. The program searches for songs according to the song tags. MiniLyrics has a wide lyrics database that gets updated with new song lyrics regularly.

MiniLyrics allows users to download the lyrics and save them as mp3 files. These lyrics can be displayed while listening to music on an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Users can also rate the lyrics, upload their own lyrics, or edit existing lyrics using a lyrics editor application. If the program is not able to find the lyrics to the song, users can manually look for the song lyrics using the search feature on the program’s interface.

The MiniLyrics program is fully customizable. Users can choose from 11 built-in skins. Other customization options include the size of the font, the color of the text, the font style, and many more.

Here are more features of MiniLyrics:
Support for German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish songs
Support for 15 media players
Automatic search and download